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The first thing to consider when shopping for the best chihuahua dog harness is your pet's weight and size. Because some dogs demand a tighter fit than others, you must consider their weight and girth. If your pet is heavier, you will want to purchase a harness that is made of stronger materials or one with additional reinforcements. Chihuahuas that are smaller in build or who weigh less than six pounds should be fitted with a soft harness. These dogs can get injured if the harness is too tight or if the fabric is too thin. Next, measure both the width and the length of your Chihuahua's neck. TUse a tape measure to take the measurement, as this tool is much easier to use on a tiny breed than it is on a larger one. Chihuahuas range in size from just over four pounds to more than twenty pounds, so you will need to take these measurements into account when purchasing a harness. Be sure to allow for the growth of your furry companion, as well. While many Chihuahua owners prefer the strap-on type of dog harness, some are looking for a more attachable design. There are several types of harness available, including those that fit over the shoulder and those that fit between the legs. Most Chihuahua harnesses feature an adjustable nylon ring on the dog's chest. The ring can either be fastened to the front of the leash attachment or to the back of the neck harness. Most owners choose the adjustable ring for convenience, as it makes it easier to adjust the harness for a larger or smaller Chihuahua. If you would prefer a more elaborate design, you can choose a harness with an air mesh lining, a sturdy nylon cross-strap, and an included D-ring. Many people choose the traditional leather no-pull harness for their Chihuahuas. This type of dog harness features an outer layer made of leather, which stretches around the entire body. Leather no-pull harnesses typically feature an adjustable buckle collar that can be adjusted to accommodate different sized dogs. An inner layer of soft leather or nylon is left attached to the dog, preventing drafts from occurring. Another type of Chihuahua harness that may interest you is the flat buckle collar. These are similar to the traditional leather no-pull harness, except that they feature a flat metal ring, rather than stretching leather over your dog's torso. They feature an adjustable metal clip that allows the collar to be closed, or is open, ensuring the utmost comfort for your pet. Pull over harnesses are suitable for small to intermediate size of breeds since, unlike most typical collars and leashes, they do not cover the entire chest area. Pull over harnesses allow your Chihuahua to "walk around" during the day without having his or her head pulled forward by the collar. Some of these collars even feature a safety clip on the inside of the leash, allowing you to secure your Chihuahua while taking a stroll. Chihuahuas with thick, insulated coats tend to fare better in this type of harness, as cold air can cause excessive sweating and a tracheal collapse can lead to overheating.

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